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9 Best Cities for Nightlife Around the World

#9. Beirut

Beirut- 9 Best Cities for Nightlife Around the World

Beirut, Lebanon “Beirut is a place where ideas are formed, and where art, culture, cuisine and an ardour for life thrive,” writes Telegraph Travel’s Lizzie Porter. “Bars, restaurants and clubs come and go more frequently than the snow that cloaks the mountain peaks that form a backdrop to the city. “But finding the new places – only to later realise they have vanished – is what makes for singular, memorable nights, on the warm shores of the Mediterranean. Unlike in many other capitals in the region, there is a liberal attitude towards drinking in Beirut, where you will find a selection of cocktails, spirits and beers as wide as any other city worth its disco lights. “The new tower blocks built after the civil war ended in 1990 have provided no end of rooftop club-bars – one of the first and biggest is SKYBAR – but it divides opinions thanks to its strict door policies and high prices. “Alternatively try B 018, a nightclub with a retractable roof opening onto the stars and city lights, known for its liberal attitude and dance music. The Rabbit Hole Pub in the Hamra district has blackboards scrawled with drink suggestions, and live music. “The Foreign Office recommends against travelling to some parts of Lebanon and one area of Beirut – but this part of the city is not one that would attract tourists anyway, with few sights. Source: telegraph.co.uk

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