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The 9 Best Winter Sports That You Will Like The Most

When temperatures drop and waters freeze, some destinations transforms into a thrill-seeker’s winter wonderland. From cross-country skiing and ice climbing, to dog sledding and ice fishing, winter, however, has to be embraced in order to extract the most out of it. Whether you want to dust off your skis or try a new sport, skijoring and snow kiting are two particularly intriguing new fads, these are the 9 best winter sports.

#1. Ice climbing

Ice climbing - The 9 Best Winter Sports

When the lakes freeze over, so do the waterfalls. Columns of water frozen in motion as they cascade over
cliff edges is a beautiful sight to behold and provides an even more exciting climbing opportunity. Perfect
practice before progressing to Kandersteg in Switzerland and the Sea of Vapours in the Rockies. Two
hours north of Minneapolis in Sandstone’s Robinson Park, adventurous climbers can find a wide array of
“˜icefalls’ to commandeer.

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