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9 Celebrities Who Were Escorts Before Becoming Famous

Everyone seems to have skeletons in their closets. Scandals about adultery, prostitution, racketeering, blackmail and extortion are abound in the media. Although, it seems that some people’s histories and previous scandals are forgotten after they hit it big on the Silver Screen. Some of the best-kept secrets are held by those who worked in Hollywood. Hollywood is a rough town, and it’s always been challenging to get ahead there. Competition between starlets, leading men and others is stiff. However, some had to resort to other activities outside of the casting room in order to put food in their mouths. You will likely be surprised by some of the most famous alleged Hollywood escorts.

#1. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe -9 Celebrities Who Were Escorts Before Becoming Famous

Norma Jean Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe, was a blonde bombshell. The actress and singer exploded as a pin-up girl and sex symbol for the entire world. Before she sang “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy, Monroe, at the tender age of 20, landed a modeling contract with Blue Book Modeling Agency. From modeling, Monroe moved on to acting. But Monroe didn’t break through right away and she posed nude for photographer Tom Kelley in 1949 for just $50. With the eyes of directors and producers upon her, it was reported that Monroe used to “hang out” with the men of power in the entertainment business for $500 a day. In some of the Monroe biographies written, numerous claims have been made that Monroe admitted to going on dates with men in order to get a good meal or extra money to pay the rent. Source

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