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9 Fashion Items That Changed The World

Trends come and go, but some ideas like the bra, the bikini, the zip and good old denim, had staying power and have transformed our lives. We love fashion, we love the evolution in fashion. Some of these stood better as they were, and well, some, evolved into master inventions. Everything we wear on a daily basis, depends on these great ideas. Here we look at 9 fashion items that changed the world.

#1. The Bikini

The Bikini - 9 Fashion Items That Changed The World

The bikini designed by French automotive engineer Louis Reard. The daring two-piece swimwear was debuted in 1946 at the Piscine Molitor, popular swimming pool in Paris. The Vatican even declared it sinful. Marilyn Monroe instantly set about posing for photos in the swimwear further cementing her status as a sex symbol. She push the bikini on to become the most popular piece of swimwear by the end of the century. Source

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