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9 Interesting Facts about Tibet

Tibet is a plateau region, having an average elevation ranging between 14, 000 ft to 16,000 ft. Though UNESCO considers it to be a part of Central Asia, there are many organizations that regard it to be a part of South Asia. Once an independent kingdom, Tibet is now primarily occupied and governed by People’s Republic of China. Below are 9 key facts that give background and context to the Tibet issue and the position of Tibet and its people today.

#1. Language is culture

Language is culture - 9 Interesting Facts about Tibet

In Tibet, there are no hurried or impatient greetings. Whether one is greeting a friend, a relative, a visitor, or even a domestic animal, time is taken. There is a Tibetan proverb which says, “Tea has a good taste if it takes time to cook.” Likewise, speaking slowly and with thought will provide a “good taste” for speaker and listener alike. As mentioned, people tend to be very polite and courteous to one another, and to visitors, and dislike profanity or insults.

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