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Top 9 Most Popular Online Clothing Sites

In the war for online shoppers, traditional retailers are putting up a fight. Macy’s is the top e-commerce clothing store. When people want to go to the mall, they’re usually going for one reason, and that’s to check out the sales at all of those trendy designer stores. Stocking up your closet with other budget buys is truly the best way to round out a healthy wardrobe. Here are top 9 most popular online clothing sites.

#1. - Top 9 Most Popular Online Clothing Sites


Macy’s, for its part, weathered a string of rough years by closing nearly 200 stores nationwide. In recent
months, the chain has beefed up its “omnichannel” strategy — pairing a robust web and mobile
re-jiggering with employee training designed to enhance the company’s in-store experience. The strategy seems to be working. About 25% of the online traffic to the top 10 apparel sites this year came from Macy’s, which is twice as much as JC Penney and Nordstrom, the second and third most-visited sites.

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