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Android Nougat, Google Nexus: 9 Facts You Must to Know

Google has released the seventh version of its Android mobile operating system, named Nougat. The new software includes tweaks that Google says will improve battery life, allow users more options for customising the phone, and improve productivity. After a long time of speculation on the official name of Android  Nougat, and after Google threw the doors wide open to the public to vote for their preferred name, the software’s latest moniker for build 7.0 has finally been revealed. It is, as it turns out, none other than popular front-runner NOUGAT, the nutty confectionary often eaten on its own, but probably most commonly consumed covered in chocolate and other treats – just as you’d find it in a Mars bar.

#1. Android Nougat developer preview final build released

Android Nougat Developer Preview Final Build Released

Google has now officially released the final build of the Developer Preview for Android Nougat. It means that the next release will be the full public release. It’ll likely debut on the new HTC Nexus (Marlin and Sailfish) phones at some point in the next few months with a rollout to existing Nexus hardware following imminently. Then of course there’ll be the usual gradual rollout to other devices at whatever speed OEMs and carrier networks decide. The final build is loaded with bug fixes, as well as “the near-final system updates for all of the supported preview devices,” and final APIs; all of which means apps tested in this version will be ready for the public release.

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