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9 Animal Species Who Are Probably Smarter

#2. Crows

Crows - 9 Animal Species Who Are Probably Smarter

Not only can crows recognize faces to differentiate between predatory and benign species, they also understand basic physics, have been known to change entire migration patterns to avoid farms where crows have been killed in the past, and may even memorize city garbage routes so they can snag the inevitable food droppings on trash day. Cool, calculating, and known to harbor a grudge, crows shouldn’t be compared to gangsters, per se, but we do feel obligated to remind you that a group of them is called a murder. The crows antagonized the “dangerous” masked subject at first sight because that same subject had previously threatened other crows in their group. The crows were prepared for this bad person due to prior communication within the group and knew what to expect. Source

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