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9 Animal Species Who Are Probably Smarter

#4. Octopuses

Octopuses - 9 Animal Species Who Are Probably Smarter

True prison-breakers of the sea, octopi have proven time and again their talents for popping lids off screw-top jars, compressing their bulky bodies through slit-small holes, and climbing impossibly out of aquarium tanks to their freedom. Otto, a German aquarium octopus, was even known to throw rocks at the glass and spray water at overhead lamps to short-circuit the annoyingly bright lights. Add to their rap sheet the recent innovation of assembling shelters from coconut shells, and there’s no denying cephalopods will one day be our overlords. Despite performing comparably with many mammals in IQ tests, octopuses have been around 230 million years longer. Octopuses are documented exhibiting play and tool use, and individual octopuses have been shown to have distinct personalities, just like humans. Source

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