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The 9 Best Movies Of 2016

#3. “Jackie”

"Jackie" - The 9 Best Movies Of 2016

Pablo Larraín stations his camera tight on Natalie Portman’s face, using extreme close-ups to document the rage that Jacqueline Kennedy shed to bury her husband while the world watched. Forever surrounded by vultures arbitrating her worthiness, her appearance and her politics, Jackie — as portrayed by a career-best Portman — processes JFK’s 1963 assassination in ways that will forever define the Kennedy legacy. In this piercing psychodrama, she becomes the master of ceremonies, trapped in anguish she never summoned. With a script by Noah Oppenheim that’s at once sprawling and alarmingly intimate, as well as a wailing score by Mica Levi, “Jackie” is a fierce act of filmmaking. It’s bold, heartbreaking and revolutionary — just like Jackie Kennedy herself.

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