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The 9 Best Movies Of 2016

#6. “Love & Friendship”

“Love & Friendship” - The 9 Best Movies Of 2016

See “Love & Friendship” twice. In fact, see it three times. You’ll discover a new layer of jokes upon each viewing of Whit Stillman’s tart comedy. The Jane Austen adaptation casts Kate Beckinsale as a manipulative Regency widow seeking to remarry so she and her daughter (Emma Greenwell) can secure their wealth. She finds a suitor in Sir James Martin (Tom Bennett), a well-meaning fool who turns every encounter into a verbal pratfall. (His banter about peas is one of the year’s funniest scenes.) Stillman’s script is razor-sharp, infused with keen social observances dressed up in spiked putdowns. And those costumes! “Love & Friendship” truly is full-package entertainment.

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