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The 9 Biggest Presidential Sex Scandals

American politics has long been rocked with scandal, but none are more potent than the presidential sex scandal.Presidential candidate’s sexual indiscretions, once known, are widely publicized, and often politicized. Here are nine presidential, or presidential candidate, sex scandals that we at Discovery News find most interesting.

#1. Thomas Jefferson and His Slave Concubine

Thomas Jefferson and His Slave Concubine

(sex scandals) It is now generally accepted that Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and a man who waxed eloquently on matters of personal freedom, lived with and conducted an ongoing sexual relationship with his half-black slave Sally Hemings that allegedly yielded a half-dozen mixed-race little Jeffersonians.
Jefferson freed four of these scandal-babies from slavery when they reached adulthood. Curiously, he never freed their mom.
Although master-slave sexual relations may have been rampant at the time, interracial sex was a matter of horror to the general public, which is why Jefferson’s Federalist enemies started dropping hints about Tommy and Sally as early as 1802. DNA tests conducted in the late 1990s revealed that Jefferson and Hemings’s descendants were genetically linked. A later study by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation also concluded that Jefferson was likely the father of at least one of Hemings’s six children. The only mystery that remains is why this high-profile master-slave sex saga has yet to be made into a Quentin Tarantino movie. Source:

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