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Top 9 Cleanest Cities in The World

We all want to live in a healthy and clean environment. But it is not easy, because not all of us are  committed to make this a reality. The fact that the government has a primary responsibility to ensure that  our cities are clean, it is our personal responsibility to ensure we dispose of our…

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Top 9 Most Crazy Summer Vacation Destinations 2018

It's time for summer sun and fun! Plan your family's vacation or find activities for outdoor fun right at home. These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. Because there are more weeks in summer to travel, and the weather is a little better, summer vacation might be the travel highlight of the…

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The Most Beautifull 9 Beaches In The World

There is something about that seductive blend of sun, surf and sand that lures you in and lifts your soul. Including tropical stretches, cozy coves, dramatic caves and exotic shores. We can't imagine summer without beach. Here are the most beautiful 9 beaches in the world , that you can enjoy in this summer. #1. Navagio…

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