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9 Most Important And Unspoken Sex Rules

Sex is pretty much the reason anything ever gets done. Sex is a delicate act that requires open and direct communication between two partners. Yet a healthy sex life isn't just about communicating with your partner. Because you also need to make sure you're communicating honestly with yourself, which means listening to your thoughts and…

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9 Incredible Kisses That’ll Send Him Over The Edge

You know a thing or two about how to lock lips with your guy. But if you're not using your mouth to its maximum potential, you're overlooking your most potent erotic power tool–the one that makes him hot in spots he didn't realize he had. Your mouth can deliver an incredible range of sensations. Great…

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9 Orgasmic Sex Positions Better With Vibrators

The combination of feeling him inside you, plus the dependable love of your vibrator on your clit is well, it’s amazing. Some guys may even be into having you run the vibe along the underside of their penis or pressing it against their perineum, others might just like feeling the residual vibrations while they’re inside you. Just…

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