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9 Sex Moves That Make You Feel Closer to Your Partner

Sex can relieve stress, help you sleep, and maybe give your immune system a boost. But one of the best benefits of all that bedroom action is that it helps you feel super connected to your partner. And that can make your relationship tighter, deeper, and better. So here are 9 sex moves that make…

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Great Kissers Make Great Lovers: 9 Sex Skills No Man Can Resist

If you vant to make him lucky, then you have to know these 9 sex skills. There are thinkgs about how to lock lips with your guy. But if you're not using your mouth to its maximum potential, you're overlooking your most potent erotic power tool–the one that makes him hot in spots he didn't…

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9 Pleasurable Sex Positions to Try Before You Die

If you've gotten stuck in the old positions and we've all been there before  here are 9 pleasurable sex positions to keep things interesting in bed. #1. Leg up, full frontal The body-to-body pressure helps target the clitoris while allowing for deeper penetration from underneath while her breasts rub against his chest. His hands can roam…

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