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Top Nine Worst Things That Could Happen To The World

Top nine worst things that could happen to the world. A meteor could strike the globe like a million hydrogen bombs. Political instability might lead to nuclear holocaust. An animal-to-human supervirus might rip pandemically across continents. Everyone knows that in a few billion years the Sun will become a red giant and swallow the Earth,…

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9 Mythical Monsters You May Not Have Known About

Over the years, we have been entranced, baffled, tantalized and even shocked by the monsters of well known mythologies. Fortunately, the list of legendary beasts and creatures hasn’t run out of potential candidates, So let us talk about nine mythical monsters that have still not been able to take the center stage in pop-culture, in…

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Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Where are the world’s most dangerous volcanoes? Volcano enthusiasts working with Albert Zijlstra, Professor of astrophysics at the University of Manchester, have compiled a list. The most dangerous volcanoes on Earth includes volcanoes which have a realistic chance of erupting in the next 100 years and which risk killing a million people or more. At…

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