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21st Century Top 9 Interesting Revolutions In The World

The times, they are a changing. The 21st Century started with a most of revolutions and popular rising.
Revolutions have been transforming our world for the past decennary or so. Social and Political actions
have created a distinct epoch and left a mark which paved way for essential changes. Our article about 9
most of interesting revolutions in the 21st.

#1. Armenian Velvet Revolution 2018

Armenian Velvet Revolution 2018 - 9 Interesting Revolutions

Armenia ‘Velvet Revolution’ won without a bullet fired. This revolution were a series of anti-government
protests in Armenia. From April to May 2018 staged by various political and civil groups led by member ofparliament Nikol Pashinyan. This revolution gave Armenians a voice in the
country’s peaceful transition of power. Serzh Sargsyan resigned as the Prime Minister and Pashinyan was elected Prime Minister

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