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21st Century Top 9 Interesting Revolutions In The World

#8. Egyptian Revolution 2011

Egyptian Revolution 2011 - 9 Interesting Revolutions

The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 took place after a January 25, 2011 popular uprising. Multitudes of
protesters necessitated the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from power. The revolutions
started by calls for protests from online youth groups. Initially these included liberal, anti-capitalist,
nationalist, and feminist elements. But they finally included Islamist elements as well. At least 846 people
killed and 6,000 were injured in clashes between the military.  On 11 February, Mubarak resigned from office after widespread international criticism.The military took over the country until a new president would be elected in the fall of 2011. The Egyptian revolution have influenced demonstrations in other Arab countries, including Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria and Libya.

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