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The 9 Most Dangerous People in the World

#8. Philipp Budeikin

Philipp Budeikin - The 9 Most Dangerous People in the World

Former psychology student Philipp (21 years old) made a game. Game is said to run on different social
media platforms and is described as a relationship between an administrator and participant. Over a
period of fifty days, the administrator sets one task per day. The tasks seem innocuous to begin with (get
up at 4:30 am, watch a horror movie), and move on to self-harm leading to the participant suiciding on the final day. Reports of the suicides connected to the game have been reported worldwide. Finally In 2016, Philipp Budeikin claimed that he invented the game in 2013. Philipp said his intention was to cleanse society by pushing persons to suicide whom he deemed as having no value. This app has killed thousands around the globe and continues to do so.

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