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Unbelievable 9 Facts About Israel You Did not Know

“Israel – for those who do not know – has a range of nuclear bombs and is the most dangerous country in the Middle East”, says former Dutch PM. Van Agt has also noted that interest in the Palestinian cause has declined significantly over the past few years. “There are several factors, but the most important is that people began to look at it as something natural, in addition to the disintegration of the Middle East” he said. There are many things that we didn’t know about Israel, but here are only 9 unbelievable facts you have to read.

#1. 3 Children Per Woman

3 Children Per Woman - 9 Facts About Israel

Israel has the highest birth rate in the developed world, with an average of 3 children per woman. Out of the 14.2 million Jewish people in the world, (in 2016), only a minority of 43% reside in Israel. Whilst 75% of Israelis are Jewish, 21% are indigenous Arabs with restricted civil rights.

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