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List of 9 Most Famous Pirates in World History

In the Caribbean and beyond, pirates will live in history upon the waves of bravado, whether for renown, misplaced fame, or cruelty. All enjoyed a specific period, usually short-lived, of success in their respective waters. The following is a list of the nine most famous pirates in worldly oceans.

#1. William Kidd (Scottish, 1645 – 1701)

William Kidd (Scottish, 1645 - 1701) - 9 Most Famous Pirates


A stylish Scotsman who had been a leading citizen of New York City. Actively involved in the building of Trinity Church, Captain Kidd began his career as a privateer, originally commissioned to rid the seas of pirates. His greatest misfortune was attacking an East India Company vessel. But, captured in Boston along with his wife, William Kidd was eventually sent to England for trial. He was sentenced to death. He was hung broke twice, and after he was killed on the third hanging his body was doused in tar and hung by chains along the Thames River.

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