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Fashion: Resort 2017 Runway

Pushing the envelope is going to be a leitmotif during Resort 2017, with the accent on boldness and daring. This surge of audacity derives from broad sociological megatrends. Here are the nine our lovely brands “Resort 2017” collections.

#1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton - Fashion: Resort 2017 Runway

This was the most athletic collection Ghesquière has done for Vuitton, and the most body-conscious, with lots of skin—designed for the Zendaya generation more than Deneuve’s. The availability of the Niterói gave the designer a destination, and Rio and its upcoming games gave him his theme. Or half a theme, anyway. The sports references came fast and furious. Color-blocked dresses looked like deconstructed scuba suits, windbreaker parkas seemed spliced together from flags, and basketball shorts sported the house monogram striped down the sides.

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