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Fashion: Resort 2017 Runway

#6. Chanel

Chanel - Fashion: Resort 2017 Runway

Here was Chanel at full range—black spencer jackets over wide-legged cuffed pants “debutante” dresses with swirly skirts hitting calf length in lace or organza, skinny long tube dresses in macramé or tattered tweed huge floaty dresses, neatly belted, in ’50s car prints. The Chanel embroiderers had pulled out all the stops, decorating sleeves with dense layers of tattered fabricand sequin-encrusting little dresses in the peachy-pinks, lemony-oranges, and greeny-blues you see in every direction in the intensely beautiful cityscape of Havana. It would have played wrongly if it had looked too posh and distant, or then again, trying too hard to be referential. What made it work, in essence, was the easy styling, with T-shirts and flats, a casual attitude that the models clearly felt happy in—so happy that the end of the show broke out into an anarchic kind of carnival where the girls and the audience and the local band all got mixed up together, dancing.

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