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9 Female Founders Who Developing Very Nnovel Technologies In 2016

Women are a competitive factor in our economies. More balanced teams create more capital efficiency, ROI and revenues. Think about the words used to describe prodigious success. They’re mostly gendered, and that gender is male. The following list of women is far from comprehensive, we don’t claim that it is. In fact, we could easily have put together a list of 100 female founders who’ve had a great 2016.

#1. Ida Tin

Ida Tin - Female Founders In 2016

Three-year-old, Berlin-based Clue is among the fastest-growing period tracking and fertility apps in an increasingly crowded market. In fact, it just raised a $20 million Series B round in late November led by Nokia Growth Partners that puts its total funding at roughly $30 million. Behind it all is cofounder and CEO Ida Tin, who before launching Clue led motorcycle tours around the world — then wrote a book about her travels that became a Danish bestseller.

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