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9 Foods That Actually Fight Cellulite

Cellulite on thighs, on back of the thighs, on inner thighs is very common in women. Almost 80 per cent of women have it. Not everyone can follow the strict exercise routines for cellulite in order to get rid of it. But some of the lifestyle habits that can gradually help in reducing the appearance of cellulite would not take much time and effort and hence can be followed by all. If you are already exercising your way to get rid of the cellulite, you can also change your lifestyle habits a bit for more effective and quicker treatment for Cellulite on thighs.

#1. Water

Water - 9 Foods That Actually Fight Cellulite

9 Surprising Foods That Fight CelluliteThe human body is composed of about sixty percent water. That said, it’s no wonder that dehydration can be a leading cause of cellulite buildup under the skin. Water is a necessary part of your body’s detoxification process. Not getting enough water often results in toxic buildup in the fat cells which can make them very difficult for the body to metabolize. Fat cells with high toxicity harden into the bead-like lumps that contribute to the ‘cottage cheese’ texture of cellulite. Dehydration also leads to thinner skin with decreased elasticity. When skin is weakened, it has a much greater tendency to show cellulite than when it is thick and healthy. So drink plenty of water and help your body to better metabolize fat, cleanse itself of toxins, and grow thicker skin which will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Source: nutrition.about.com

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