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The 9 Greatest Actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age

Old Hollywood‘s most famous leading-ladies reached iconic status for different reasons – some became famous for their fierce and independent characters, when society was still very much male-dominated; others captivated millions with their optimism as child stars – but in their own way, all of those listed here ruled the screen with impeccable talent an charisma and are still remembered by film audiences and critics from all over the world. This list aims to point just some of Hollywood’s Golden Age most emblematic women, it is not a ranking and the stars are listed in alphabetical order.

#1. Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich - Hollywood's Golden Age

The owner of the most famous pair of legs in Hollywood, Marie Magdelene Dietrich was born to a German family in 1901. Dietrich was a music lover from a very early age and by the 1920’s she was already performing in Berlin cabarets, when director Josef von Sternberg first noticed her. They would develop an on and off-screen relationship that would result in seven films and a successful Hollywood career for both.

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