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9 The Greatest Mass Murderer In History

#8. Kim Il-sung – North Korea (1948-94)

Kim Il-sung - North Korea (1948-94)

Regime Communist
Victims At least 1.6 million (political opponents/civilians through famine).Unpopular among his people Kim used the U.S. as a scapegoat and forced the country to believe in his delusion or else.
Kim Jong-Il was his murderous father Kim Il Sung who led North Korea in a terrible direction. He fought for a command economy that allowed the government to make all decisions for the country. For various reasons the people never seemed to love the man, and so his hold on power was tenuous at best. Like most crazies he blamed somebody else, in this case the USA, and said they had spread disease throughout its population. He also pulled a Stalin, and had large-scale purges. His underlying reason was that it would scare people into believing he was telling the truth.

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