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The Hand Lesser Shao Yin of the Heart 9 points

The heart channel of the Hand-Shaoyin starts in the center of axilla. From there is goes along the posterior border of the medial aspect of the upper arm . Passing through the cubital region, it descends to the pisiform region proximal to the palm and enters the palm. Then it ends at the medial aspect of the tip of the little finger. Here are the hand lesser Shao Yin of the heart 9 points.

#1. HT1 Jiquan – Highest Spring

HT1 Jiquan - Highest Spring

Center of axilla on the medial side of the axillary artery. Avoid axillary artery!
HT 1 Clinical Uses
Regulate Qi flow from the torso to the arm and vice versa – cold, numbness, pain in shoulder a/or arm.
Pain in the cardiac region – heart pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations.
Frozen shoulder.
Pain a/or distention of the upper thoracic area.

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