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The Hand Lesser Shao Yin of the Heart 9 points

#5. HT5 Tongli – Connecting Li

HT5 Tongli - Connecting Li

1 cun above HT 7 on a line connecting HT3 and HT7.
HT 5 Clinical Uses
Speech a/or vocal disorders – aphasia (post-stroke), stiff tongue, stuttering, sudden loss of voice, sore
Spirit disorders and related physical manifestations, anxiety w/palpitations, arrhythmia, nervousness,
depression – although the point is generally not used for emotional disorders involving sleep such as
insomnia, HT 7 is used more often for these more “physical” manifestations.
Excessive bleeding w/ menstruation from heat in the Blood.
Heat effecting the SI and leading to urinary symptoms – incontinence, enuresis.
Local point for wrist, elbow and/or hand pain – perhaps more so for weakness than simple pain.

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