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Kate Middleton’s Most Fashionable 9 Looks Ever

Kate Middleton may be royalty, but when it comes to fashion, she’s just like us. Kate repeats outfits all the time and she’s even taken a few bold risks the high court wouldn’t approve of. But here’s the other thing about Kate — she wears her coordinated suit sets, coat dresses, and over-the-top fascinators with style and grace. The duchess owns her looks, convincing us she dressed right for the occasion, no matter where she is or how much she’s standing out from the crowd. And though we may not all be able to get our hands on her designer separates or her couture gowns, there are quite a few things we can learn from her greatest outfits of all time — 60, in fact.

#1. It was the most secret dress of the decade

It was the most secret dress of the decade

With daily speculation as to who has been given the ultimate commission played out like a game of ‘Whodunnit?’. Once finally revealed, the gown did not disappoint. Painstakingly masterminded by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, Kate was the fairest of them all.

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