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Men’s Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

What were the big style take aways from the catwalks in London, Milan and Paris last June? Here we break down the 9 big menswear trends for Men’s Spring-Summer 2016

#1. Hermès (Men’s Spring-Summer 2016)

Hermes (Men's Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Trends)

It would be interesting to get inside Véronique Nichanian’s thought processes as she approaches each new collection for Hermès.There was a fabric in tonight’s collection—a goatskin somehow imprinted with silk twill—that counted as a conceptual, as well as technical, breakthrough. It brought together the two big Hermès signatures—skin and silk—in one material. And it seemed utterly typical of Nichanian that she would then use this signal achievement in a T-shirt.

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