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9 People Who Changed the World

So while Great men lived their lives and made ours not so greats with the cramming up required to pass that history
test, history is much beyond the battles and wars we’ve read about. History is history because it’s responsible for
having changed the most basics of living of mankind. Here are lists top 9 famous people, better known for their
unparalleled contribution in changing the course of world, the course of history.

#1. Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus - 9 People Who Changed the World

Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous of all explorers. He believed he could reach Asia by sailing west
across the Atlantic Ocean and in 1492 he set sail in the Santa Maria to prove his theory. Instead, he landed on the
islandsnow known as the West Indies. His discoveries led to the European explorations and settlement of the
Americas. Source

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