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The Most Powerful Crime Families Ever

#3. Gambino crime family

Gambino crime family (The Most Powerful Crime Families Ever)

One of the most powerful Crime Families is The Gambino crime family is one of the “Five Families” that dominates organized crime activities in New York City.The group, which went through three bosses between 1910 and 1957, is named after Carlo Gambino, boss of the family at the time of the McClellan hearings in 1963, when the structure of organized crime first gained public attention. The group’s operations extend from New York and the eastern seaboard to California. Its illicit activities include labor and construction racketeering, gambling, loansharking, extortion, money laundering, prostitution,fraud, hijacking, pier thefts, and fencing.Gambino’s still have a strong membership of 150–300, 1,500–3,000 associates approx, even though it no longer enjoys the same glory it did once enjoy. The family first got fame during the 1930s and was taken to the peak of success by Vincent, the boss then. It was after he disappeared never to be found, that the family’s demise came over and 13 of its important members were indicted for crime. Source:

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