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9 Real Life Heroes Who Have Changed The World

Hero is perfect in every way, they can do no wrong, they always arrive on time, they look impeccable and they stick to a moral guideline which is built in to them. They become a somebody by saving ‘ordinary’ people on a daily basis and everyone wants to be like them. Everyone wants to be different. Heroes have set the standards pretty high because they’re this ideal person who always puts others before themselves, they’re good people. The people on this list are a true inspiration and it’s their decision to do what is right that makes them a hero in their own unique way.

#1. Joan Of Arc

Joan Of Arc - Real Life Heroes

Joan Of Arc had a positive influence over the French army before her execution in 1431. It is claimed that Joan could hear voices in the form of saints in her head and she saw them clearly when they came to her to deliver her a message from God. For a girl who died at nineteen, her determination to do what she believed was right is admirable.

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