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9 Running Shoe Terms You Need to Know

Running shoe terminology can be very confusing, especially for those that are new to running or those looking to get into running. It can be a little demotivating when you are researching running shoes and you run across so many things you have to try and look up to better understand the conversation. Running shoes provide the best protection for your feet, legs and body from the repeated stress of thousands of foot landings per mile. Each time you take a stride and land, your foot has to absorb two to three times your body weight. This repeated impact is different from other sports. Running shoes have built-in features that enable you to run day after day more comfortably and with less chance of over-use injury. So Here are 9 running shoe terms you need to know.

#1. Heel to toe drop

Heel to toe drop - 9 Running Shoe Terms You Need to Know

This is the vertical distance between the height of your actual heel from the ground in relation to your forefoot. Most shoes vary between 6 – 12mm and a zero drop means that the sole of the shoe is totally flat from heel to toe.

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