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Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear : 9 Best Brands

The Spring 2019 runway shows are just wrapping up, so naturally it is time to review all the exciting trends
from the latest collections. This season’s best shows were impeccably crafted and sometimes engaged
with the wider political zeitgeist. Sex and resistance to societal norms are alive and kicking. This article
about spring 2019 top 9 best brands.

#1. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen - Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear : 9 Best Brands

This collection was about sisterhood, about women’s milestones and rituals: birth, christenings, weddings,
funerals. It’s about being strong and emotional, but also saying it’s okay to show your vulnerability, not to have to put a brave face on it. The first look was symbolic: a super-fragile knitted lace dress with
leg-of-mutton sleeves, with what might be interpreted as a blacksmith’s apron belted to its side. In some
of the best pieces, the traces of the original vintage garments were retained, embedded in a black
jet-beaded jacket with a canvas back with a bustle, or the boning of a crinoline holding the structure of the puffed sleeves of a cotton voile dress. A white trouser suit had a broderie anglaise cotton blouse falling to an asymmetric flounce, inspired by antique christening dresses.

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