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9 Step to Master the Art of Kissing

No man will accept the fact that he isn’t a good enough kisser and needs to work on his ability to kiss. But secretly, all men at one point in their lives have browsed articles that tell them more about how to kiss amazingly well. We believe that even the best one’s can do better, which is why we present to you, tips that will help you learn the art of kissing. Even bad ones are good. The mysteries of a great kiss are the most wonderful kinds of mysteries. It’ll take some practice.

#1. Make sure your lips aren’t dry

Make sure your lips aren't dry

Moistening your lips but not too much, makes it easier for your lips to slide over your partner’s. Use colorless, stick lip balm for best results. Squeezable balm will work too but use in moderation. You don’t want to smear shiny Carmex all over your partner.

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