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Canon EOS-1D Mark IV : 9 Thing You Must to Know

The "D" means digital and the "1" means top-of-the-line, as-good-as-it-gets, #1. The "Mark IV" in the 1D product name indicates the maturity of this model - the fourth generation. While the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV may not have every DSLR bell and whistle available at its release, it delivers a combination of speed, performance, image…

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Android Nougat, Google Nexus: 9 Facts You Must to Know

Google has released the seventh version of its Android mobile operating system, named Nougat.┬áThe new software includes tweaks that Google says will improve battery life, allow users more options for customising the phone, and improve productivity. After a long time of speculation on the official name of Android ┬áNougat, and after Google threw the doors…

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