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Top 9 Best Smartphone 2018 Tested and Ranked

When choosing a phone you should consider these things, build quality and design, ease of use, features, performance and value. All nine phones are excellent and certain aspects make each a possible contender for the top spot. Here are top 9 best smartphone 2018 tested and ranked. #1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 The Note 9…

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Canon EOS-1D Mark IV : 9 Thing You Must to Know

The "D" means digital and the "1" means top-of-the-line, as-good-as-it-gets, #1. The "Mark IV" in the 1D product name indicates the maturity of this model - the fourth generation. While the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV may not have every DSLR bell and whistle available at its release, it delivers a combination of speed, performance, image…

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Android Nougat, Google Nexus: 9 Facts You Must to Know

Google has released the seventh version of its Android mobile operating system, named Nougat. The new software includes tweaks that Google says will improve battery life, allow users more options for customising the phone, and improve productivity. After a long time of speculation on the official name of Android  Nougat, and after Google threw the doors…

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