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9 Unbelievable Facts You Never Knew About Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been given many labels due to his bombastic rhetoric, and people either hate him or love him. The lively and sometimes entertaining Presidential race has left Americans and even the entire world questioning both candidates’ mental state. A new study into psychopathic traits reveals that Trump ranks above Adolf Hitler and below…

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World’s 9 wealthiest people and the cars they drive

Not every multi billionaire takes a sports cars to work, however, and it might surprise you to find that a few of the wealthiest people around actually drive quite humble. But it turns out their favorite modes of transportation are as varied as the ways they got all that money in the bank to begin…

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Top 9 Dangerous Cities You Should Never Visit Alone

Many people are leaving their homes and embarking on new exciting adventures. While this sounds like fun, it’s important to take precaution and research your travel destination before you head there. Some places need to be avoided due to their dangerous conditions. For instance, crime has become common world-wide, but increasingly common in these hazardous…

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