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Top Nine Worst Things That Could Happen To The World

Top nine worst things that could happen to the world. A meteor could strike the globe like a million hydrogen bombs. Political instability might lead to nuclear holocaust. An animal-to-human supervirus might rip pandemically across continents. Everyone knows that in a few billion years the Sun will become a red giant and swallow the Earth,…

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9 Worst Things That Happened In 2016

People talk about 2016 being a particularly disastrous year. News of the truck killings in Nice, France, Terror attacks, Zika, Brexit, police shootings, Syria, Trump, record-hot temperatures, the losses of Prince and David Bowie. This has been one unrelenting turn around the calendar. Terrifying events truly piled up on each other in 2016. Here are…

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Top 9 Deadly Diseases of the 21st Century

Among the newer emerging infectious agents and diseases, many have already had a great impact, while others show potential for impact in the near future. Agents that have made a significant appearance, particularly in the 21st century, are considered in more depth below. #1. Lower Respiratory Infections (deadly diseases) Diseases like Pneumonia and others affecting…

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