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What Your Tongue Say About Your Health: 9 Facts

Open your mouth and look at your tongue. That may sound strange, but your tongue can tell a lot about your health. Tongue diagnosis is observing the tongue size, shape, contour, surface, margins and color to assess the present health. A healthy tongue should be pink and covered with small nodules. #1. Tongue has a…

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How Well Do You Know Your Brain: 9 Facts

The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body and probably the most complex creation present on this universe. The human brain with its complexity acts like a storage device which holds safely a person’s most cherished memories. Here are the 9 facts that are less known by many people with a fully…

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Top 9 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

When coming up with a list of the most beautiful eyes of the world, we were quite ill at ease with the ranking process. Every woman of this world is unique and beautiful in her own way. So we did the best we could and looked for nice photography that concentrated on the face and…

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