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Fall Art Guide 2016: 9 Shows to See This Season

Summer is fleeting, but the plethora of art guide shows to see this fall more than makes up for that. New York City is always a hub for art from around the world, but this fall's exhibitions seem especially cosmopolitan. Here are 9 shows to see this season. #1. Sarah Sze: “Timekeeper” - (September 11…

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9 Mind-Blowing Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

We will never solve all the mysteries out there. While most of us get our mystery fill from the latest thrillers and crime novels, there’s a whole load of weird tales out there in the world, waiting to be unearthed. Human history is packed to the rafters with strange tales of the unknown and if…

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9 Women Sexual Fantasies Most of Them Never Try

If you think women don’t sit around fantasizing about very naughty things, women are not as imaginative as men when it comes to sex, you are truly mistaken. Women have perfected the art of fantasy and they don’t bother with the generic fantasies, they go all out. The female sexual imagination is filled with naughty…

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