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Robots Will Take Over Some Human Jobs: 9 Things We Have To Know

It’s possible that robots will take over some human jobs. In fact, it seems like it could be only a matter of time before they do. Increasing automation will lead to massive job displacement, and less people working means less employed citizens paying taxes. Bill Gates thinks that, as automation makes jobs obsolete, governments should…

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Nine Interesting Perpetual Motion Machine In The History

Perpetual motion technology has been fascinating people for a long time. Today, it’s widely accepted as little more than pseudoscience, but that certainly hasn’t stopped people from creating bigger, better, and more outlandish gadgets and gizmos in the hopes of breaking the laws of physics and revolutionizing the world. Here are nine interesting perpetual motion…

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Top 9 Super Intelligent Child Prodigies

Many people over the period of centuries have shown exceptional intelligence, the gift has been sometimes lost or not used for its potential. They’re the super genius and really smart and has been made to name the brightest Child Prodigies in the world. Not only are they geniuses, but their work in words already proving…

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