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The Most Common Home Enviroment Mistakes By Feng Shui

Some of the worst feng shui mistakes are made in an honest attempt to create a better environment that attracts positive chi energy. Unfortunately, these mistakes make it impossible to have the kind of energy flow you need and desire in your home. The good news is that once you’re aware of them, you can correct them!

#1. Incorrect water feature placement (Feng shui)

Incorrect water feature placement

Water features are a great way to enhance the water element in your home and draw positive wealth-building chi. You may be under the impression that you can add a water feature to any sector of your home that you wish to stimulate the flow of money or opportunity. This is the worst assumption you can make. Placing a water feature inside your home is risky and requires knowing what you’re doing. Water energy attracts very powerful and active chi energy.You may believe that a water feature would be a romantic way to enhance the energy in your bedroom. In truth, a water feature in this room could be a disastrous element, unless the flying stars currently residing in that sector of your home dictate this element is needed. Paintings, photographs or drawings of water are considered to be water elements, so you want to avoid having them in your bedroom. Source:

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