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Top 9 Major Current Environmental Problems

Our environment is constantly changing. So does the need to become increasingly aware of the problems that surround it. Our planet is poised at the brink of a severe environmental crisis. Current environmental problems make us vulnerable to disasters and tragedies, now and in the future. We are in a state of planetary emergency, with environmental problems piling up high around us. Current environmental problems require urgent attention. Here are top 9 major current environmental problems you can check now. 

#1. Pollution

Pollution - Top 9 Major Current Environmental Problems

Pollution of air, water and soil require millions of years to recoup. Industry and motor vehicle exhaust are the number one pollutants. Heavy metals, nitrates and plastic are toxins responsible for pollution. While water pollution is caused by oil spill, acid rain, urban runoff, air pollution is caused by various gases and toxins released by industries and factories and combustion of fossil fuels. Soil pollution is majorly caused by industrial waste that deprives soil from essential nutrients.

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