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Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Where are the world’s most dangerous volcanoes? Volcano enthusiasts working with Albert Zijlstra, Professor of astrophysics at the University of Manchester, have compiled a list. The most dangerous volcanoes on Earth includes volcanoes which have a realistic chance of erupting in the next 100 years and which risk killing a million people or more. At the number one spot is the Japanese island of Iwo Jima. The list includes volcanoes from all over the world, including South and Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

#1. Iwo Jima, Japan

Iwo Jima, Japan - Top 9 Most Dangerous Volcanoes


Iwo Jima volcano is a triangular-shaped, flat, 8 km long and up to 4.5 wide volcanic island stretching NE-SW. It is surrounded by steep cliffs under the sea, which belong to a 9-km-wide submarine caldera. The volcano is located 1250 km south of Tokyo in the central Volcano Islands of the Izu-Marianas arc. The summit of Iwo-jima is Suribachi-yama at 160 m. Parts of the caldera have been experiencing remarkably strong uplift (up to more than 1 meter per year and averaging 25 cm / year over several centuries). There is strong hydrothermal activity at present, at fumaroles along a NE-SW zone cutting through Moto-yama. Many phreatic eruptions occurred in historic times, mostly from vents on the west and NW sides of the island. Iwo-jima was the site of an infamous WWII battle, and the location of a famous image of the raised US flag. Source

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