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Top 9 Youngest Billionaires

#9. Joe Gebbia

Joe Gebbia - Top 9 Youngest Billionaires

Age: 34
Company: Airbnb
Estimated net worth: $3.3 billion
Joe Gebbia, Airbnb’s bowtie-wearing co-founder and chief product officer, founded three businesses before launching Airbnb with his former Rhode Island School of Design classmate Brian Chesky. An avid inventor, he designed and patented a buttox-shaped portable seat cushion called CritBuns. He also founded two now-defunct graphic design-focused web ventures.
The avid mid-century modern architecture fan helped drive Airbnb deeper into the business travel market this year, expanding to new markets in Cuba and Africa. He says his “ultimate dream” is to book at night at the Eames Case Study House No. 8 in Pacific Palisades, Calif. We have a sinking suspicion he could afford to, that is if it were an option. Source

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