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9 Ways to Have the Best Honeymoon Ever

You’ve already spent months mapping out the guest list, locating a universally flattering bridesmaid dress, and packaging 150 fabulous favors and now you deserve a vacation. Get out of town and onto an amazing trip with our foolproof guide. Here are for you 9 ways that will help you to have the best honeymoon ever.

#1. Make a plan

Make a plan - 9 Ways to Have the Best Honeymoon Ever

Before you can enjoy your newly wedded happiness, you’ll want to sort out the less sexy details. The budget, the time frame, seasonal weather considerations, and whether or not you’ll hire a travel agent. To guarantee smooth sailing ahead, nominate a “captain.” The partner overseeing fewer wedding details should be the point person for travel agents, tour operators, hotel and airline booking, and running major decisions by the copilot.

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