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9 Ways to Stay Wanted for Your Man

The objective in every relationship should be to have two equally paired partners in a mutually respectful relationship. But what tends to actually happen is women feel so empowered by their own awesomeness that they place their guy in the role of “pet” instead of “protector.” That might make you feel like you can run the world, but it certainly won’t keep manly men around for long. This list isn’t about how to blow smoke up a man’s ass to get what you want; it’s about really understand how we may be making it hard for a good man to shine in our presence.

#1. You don’t let him have female acquaintances

You don't let him have female acquaintances

Is one of your relationship rules that he can’t hang with other women? Even if it applies to lifelong friends or coworkers that preceded your reign? Fail. This shouldn’t be a thing for two very good reasons. First, because he’s his own person and should be able to make his own choices about who he spends his time with. Second, because if you have to keep a fence around your man in order to feel secure in the relationship, you’re both doing something terribly wrong. Ditch the idiot who can’t be trusted and lay off the lady-friend rules. It’s not your business. Source: heartiste.wordpress.com

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