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What Does Every Zodiac Sign Need In Bed?

Sex is complicated. You have to work out all your social reservations and power dynamics, double-check on safety and consent, attend female orgasm workshops, have your own study sessions to make up for the complete sex-ed you never got in school… but there’s just some intangible thing that’s missing—your handy sex horoscopes.

#1. Aries – sex is best when it’s spontaneous and unrestricted (sexual needs)

Aries - sex is best when it's spontaneous and unrestricted

These people melt when their partner gives themselves to them innocently and purely. Some of them look for trouble in love, and are addicted to the conquest. Their heads are erogenous zones—they love it when you mess up their hair and grab their face when they are making love. They can be rather selfish in bed, and quick. They can get impatient with too much foreplay, preferring to get right to the point. Sometimes aggressive, and generally fast, these lovers are sincere and enthusiastic in their sexual expression, but not always constant. Their desires are powerful indeed. While other signs may be most aroused by the romance of the moment, both male and females with this position are especially aroused by their partner’s sexual organs, plain and simple. These people fall in and out of “crush” easily—they only feel alive when they have someone to desire (sexual needs). Source: sexualastrology.com

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